Of course, this fits together very well, even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance! Bee-friendly flowers improve the environment in some ways, while trucks and ships pollute the environment. A contrast that couldn't be greater!

Learning effects from nature

Nevertheless, logistics learns from the bees! Bees are known for their ability to make decisions and solve complex tasks as a collective by sharing their information and skills with each other. This phenomenon is often referred to as “swarm intelligence.” There are similar concepts in logistics that aim to bring people and technology together to enable efficient and flexible processes. An example of this is “swarm logistics”, in which deliveries from different transport companies are bundled into a network to make deliveries faster and more cost-efficient. Another example is the use of modern means of transport, which are currently being increasingly tested in the USA. Mentioned here are drone deliveries of parcels, which are becoming increasingly reliable over the last mile, do not burden city traffic and are also environmentally friendly thanks to the use of green electricity

Bees are logisticians!       

Like many animals, bees are born logisticians. But very few insects work together in such a targeted manner with their own species. The worker bees begin collecting nectar in the early morning hours. When they find a field of flowers that is productive, but a bee alone cannot handle this prey, it dances and tells its colleagues where a lot can be achieved with little effort. This organizes efficient removal of the nectar and ensures the survival of the beehive for the next winter.

Logistics does nothing else, just on a slightly larger scale. When a job is too big to handle alone, you are happy to have a reliable partner who can provide you with collaborative and supportive support. With our experience of over 30 years, we can now look back on a select network with which we can master any challenge. Our customers and our partners benefit from this because we are very flexible, efficient and, like in a beehive, we ensure #frictionlesslogistics .

Bees – threatened with extinction!

Bees are still at risk of extinction, especially the wild species. There are several factors that contribute to this problem, such as habitat loss due to human development, the use of pesticides and herbicides in agriculture, climate change, and the spread of diseases and parasites. Bees are the basis of our diet and essential for ecosystems. Two thirds of our food crops rely on pollination. But the pollination of wild plants is also important because they are the basis for many insects, birds and mammals. With the death of bees, the functioning of the ecosystem is at risk.

Like many people, we have asked ourselves how we can support bees. After all, they are our role models. There are increasing efforts in logistics to create sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chains in order to minimize the impact on the environment. In addition, in many communities colorful meadows enrich the townscape with their diversity and magic. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Since we cannot influence diseases or directly affect farmers, this year we have made it our mission to improve the living environment of bees. For this reason we give away bee-friendly flower seeds !

As logisticians, we know that it's not just transport that sometimes needs to be planned very precisely. This is not much different with our gift to our customers. Luckily, there are appropriate planting instructions on the seed bag, so planning is not difficult. You don’t need a “green thumb” to get the bee-friendly flowers to grow. All you need is the will to do something for the bees.

So let's be inspired by bees and create a better habitat for these hard-working animals!

Note: For reasons of better readability, the language forms male, female and diverse (m/f/d) are not used at the same time. All personal names apply equally to all genders.

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