Uncomplicated transport to Russia
without hurdles and unnecessary waiting times.

Your forwarding company for the safe and reliable handling of your transports to Russia

We take care of all formalities for you including export declarations, customs, etc.

Find out now why more than 300 customers trust OCS every year and what us apart from other freight forwarding companies !

How do I ship goods to Russia?

In consultation with you, our specialists determine the optimal solution for each type of transport and thus manage to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. Without any additional effort for you and with the greatest possible satisfaction. This means that even before the transport begins, you benefit from the simple and secure processing and thus enjoy uncomplicated transport to Russia.

“Our employees are not only competent experts in all key areas of logistics, but are also distinguished from other freight forwarders and logistics companies primarily by their international, country-specific know-how!”

Russia transport map OCS Moscow

"We are there for you in all important cities in Russia."

Russia logistics: Exclusive advantages for you

  • Complete processing including all formalities
  • Customs clearance
  • DDP delivery including customs clearance
  • Customs warehouses in Moscow, Smolensk, St. Petersburg and many other regions
  • Combined transport (truck-rail / rail-truck)
  • All types of transport possible
  • Heavy and oversized transport via all available modes of transport
  • Customs broker
  • Customs warehouse in Russia
  • Storage areas in many Russian metropolises
  • Complete project execution
  • Express deliveries
  • Spare parts logistics
  • Door-to-door service to Russia including customs clearance in Russia (DDP)
    export declaration
  • Door-to-door service to Russia including customs clearance in Russia (DDP)
  • Export declaration
    document check for rail transport
  • Daily departures from Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Osnabrück, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Munich and many other cities in Germany
  • Regular status report
  • Daily departures to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk
    Regularly to all major cities such as Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk and many other Russian cities
  • Many years of expertise in the Russian market
  • neutralization
  • Picking and consolidation
  • Stickering, labeling or re-labeling
  • Ex-Works Deliveries
  • Communication with your customers in Russia

Real people. Real results.

Andreas Valencia
August 20, 2020
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Top shipping company! We have been working with them in the field of overseas container transport for a long time.
Lars Pfister
July 31, 2020
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Very good, personal service that I receive at OCS. If you have a special request, that's no problem. I am also informed in good time if a truck is delayed. I really enjoy working with the team!
Manfred Bruns
February 16, 2020
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We have been a transport service provider for OCS for many years. We really enjoy the Hanseatic cooperation: feasible specifications (even for very urgent orders) and payment deadlines that are adhered to without any ifs or buts. Here’s to further good cooperation!
Olga S.
August 19, 2020
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I worked with you for a few years. However, I am now leaving the company I worked for. Your company is great and the people who work there are very professional, friendly, helpful and nice. Who knows, maybe we'll see each other in life. The world is small.

With the help of OCS Spedition you can easily avoid all problems with your transports to Russia in the future!

“Customer satisfaction and collaborative cooperation are our top priority”

Do you know that?

Are you a dealer or manufacturer and always have to deal with the same problems when transporting to Russia ? Many companies face greater challenges, especially when doing business abroad with Russia and other CIS countries: Who will handle the customs formalities in the Russian Federation and which documents are required? How do I know that my goods will arrive in Russia safely and reliably? Who is liable for damage during transport to Russia? In the end, can the shipping company really offer the service that I want?

Our experience from the last 30 years of transport logistics in the Russian business means full control and security for you on all transport routes between Europe and Russia. In Germany, our customers benefit from daily departures thanks to a high-performance network. Our dispatchers will quickly find the best solution for you for normal truckload traffic as well as for heavy-duty and express transport:


  • Complete handling of your transports at a fixed price
  • Close consultation with your and your customer's needs in Russia
    Specialists with Russian language skills
  • Customer satisfaction as the most important factor for cooperation
  • Powerful network enables great flexibility
  • Strong trust building with your customers in Russia
  • Complete processing 

Products confiscated by Russian customs because of a small mistake?

What would it mean for you if your products were confiscated by Russian customs because of a small error in the transport documents? You and your customer are stuck with the costs. This has drastic consequences and quite a few shipping companies have already had bad experiences with it.

We see the importance of satisfaction as a basic requirement for business success. The foundation of the particularly good cooperation is intensive cooperation and coordination between the needs of the customer and the requirements of the recipient in Russia. We would be happy to pass this valuable factor on to you free of charge. Bremen word of honor!

“Problems in transport logistics have one thing in common: they all lead to disruptions in the entire system and, as a result, to a drastic drop in orders and sales!”

“Behind every great company there is powerful logistics”
Dennis Brown
Managing Director of OCS Spedition GmbH

Transport solutions to Russia


Experience how easy and safe transport to Russia is!

How it works?

The goal of our team of experts is to offer you tailor-made and integrated logistics solutions that tailored precisely to your needs . No challenge is too big for us, because over the past 30 years we have successfully carried out almost every logistics project that can be realized on the market. Digital shipping companies now make it possible to quickly have all possible prices available on demand.

However, standardized processes often cannot take the individuality of the customer The philosophy of OCS is to determine individual needs and wishes of our customers tailor-made offer .

This means you can express your wishes to us and receive individual service without any additional effort. Sophisticated forwarding craftsmanship and digital support through modern IT enable us to create a transport offer that is individually tailored to your requirements just an hour

(Because the OCS team knows exactly what requirements are important when creating such individual offers). In addition to an offer tailored precisely to you we offer you many other exclusive and individual services , such as comprehensive storage services : We not only transport your goods from A to B, but also take care of professional storage , reloading, labeling and packaging and picking . If you wish, we can also provide you cranes and/or special equipment at any time or take care of professional disposal for you.

“So that you can be completely satisfied and worry-free, you can the status report in our online booking portal at any time . This gives you maximum transparency about your transports whenever you want and you can track your transport 24 hours a day , keeping your customers informed about any delays, planned arrival times, etc..”

Your experts for Russian transport

Russian transport expert Anette Kromberg

Anette Kromberg



Sergei Lehrke


Alexander Hetke


“Our customers have access to excellently trained freight forwarders and logisticians, who are a basic requirement for an excellent supply chain.”
Waldemar Braun
Managing Director of OCS Spedition GmbH

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